This coming September 7th is a big day for us, since we are celebrating our golden anniversary. Usually, on our birthday we make a retrospect of what we have done or accomplish along our life journey. And for us, 50 years is not something that we could pass easily. We had our ups and downs. Since the beginning of our effort to provide good education for Indonesian people back in 1959, we had encounter many problems. Starting with looking for a really qualified human resource to providing representative place for our students to learn.Then back in 1997, we were misunderstood of having anything to do with the US, since people used to know us by our old abbreviation: Lembaga Indonesia Amerika. We had to make it clear that we had nothing to do with the name ‘Amerika’ anymore. Thanks goodness, we survived and we believe that we will still strive for the best in the future. We have new and bright human resources behind us, and we also have you our faithful customers. Together we will ensure that Indonesia will have a better future with the human power that knows the world through technology and communication and is able to expand itself.