Many people are looking for ways to make them healthy. Doing sports is one way to do that. And an alternative of sports that many people choose is cycling. Cycling offers lots of benefits. Cycling offers at least two benefits for our body: improving healths and boosting stamina.
First of all, cycling may be tiring, but you’ll be fresher afterward. When you sweat, you release some toxin in your body, and also burn the extra calories in you storage. Cycling for an hour burns 150, however if you cycle for two hours, you will burn 400 It is said the key is in the continuity.

Further more, cycling is low impact sport. It won’t hurt your joints, so this sport is suitable for those who have problems with body weight, since it won’t add the pressure on the joints like other high impact sports, such as jogging or running.

Cycling also promotes cardiovascular health. It makes your heart stronger since it beats faster gradually and it helps to strengthens the heart muscle, especially when you cycle routinely. It boosts your stamina gradually. The more you cycle, the stronger your stamina will be.

In short, cycling is very beneficial for your health and stamina. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s cycle and be healthy.

by Roni Sumiarsa Pradja