Books and the Digital File

                Book is something that comes with so many pieces of paper in it. Books have been become the most favorite for people as a resource of knowledge. Almost all people in this world are having books in their house. Books have existed in this world since long time ago. Especially for students, books have become their best friend since they started to go to the school. When they go to school, they also bring so many books along. And so for those students who live in big-enough-city, they have to bring so many books that are very heavy. As we know we live in a modern era now and there are so many good inventions that are really helpful for our life. Yet have you ever think of replace student’s textbooks into something new through our technology? For example, replace student’s textbook into digital file. Some people may against it. It’s ok since people have their own opinion. Even though, there are some groups of people refuse it, we must really replace student’s textbooks into digital file because of some reasons.

Many people against to replace student’s textbook into digital file is because of the cost because we need to have laptop and the internet if we want to replace the student’s textbooks into digital file, so we can access the digital file itself. Many people say the cost of a laptop is quite expensive. They need to have extra money for having a laptop. If only they know, there are so many kind of laptop that we can choose. The cost also has its own variant. We can choose whether we want to buy the cheap one or even the expensive one, it depends on how much money do we have.

Many parents worry if student’s textbooks are replaced into digital file, their children may play games during class. It may happen since they need to bring laptop all along to the school and turn it on during class so they can access the digital file. The parents are afraid that their children may use the laptop to play games all day long instead of using it for studying. Children nowadays are very familiar with the technology- even some elementary students know how to operate laptop well better than their parents. They also really update about some games that are booming at the time. That’s also why the parents are afraid of replacing student’s textbooks into digital file. Children nowadays are mostly addicted to online game. They even forget to do their homework because they just play that online game all they long. But the parents just don’t know that actually if we replace student’s textbook into digital file, the teacher can monitor what the students do by checking it online. Students get restriction by the school not to play games. So the possibility to play games during class without teachers knowing is mostly impossible.

The parents are afraid to replace student’s textbooks into digital file because it may cause eye problems. Replacing student’s textbook into digital file means we make the students to interact with monitor more than before because they need the laptop to get them to the digital file. Sit in front of the monitor for a long time isn’t good for their eyes. It can force them who usually sit in front of the monitor for a long time to wear glasses. In fact, we can avoid that kind of thing. We must set our sit and give some distance from the monitor to our eyes. We can also consume some food that good for our eyes, like carrots.

Replace student’s textbooks into digital file can cause the more possibilities for plagiarism. It may happen because students need to upload their tasks through internet. They have to upload it in order to save them online.  When the students are told to do some task, some students may just search it in the browser through the internet and copy what they find in the internet. It automatically makes the students become lazy because they don’t really do the task but only download it and assumed that is their work. Well, do you know there’s something that called watermark? It is something that is used to give a mark in our data that can’t be deleted without our permission (the owner of the data). So people can’t assume a data that have a watermark in it.

The good thing of replacing student’s textbook into digital file is that it’s not heavy to carry. As we know students nowadays are forced to bring so many heavy books whenever they go to school. Carrying so many heavy books may be burden for the students since it may hurts their shoulders. The students become lazy to go to school because they have to carry so many heavy books on their back. If we replace the student’s textbook into digital file, the students only need to carry one laptop to school. It’s away lighter than carrying so many heavy books. The students may be more excited to go to school because they carry a gadget that they know how to operate it well and they like.

The advantage of replacing student’s textbooks into digital file is that we can save our works online. Students nowadays are a bit lazy. They rarely do their homework and they will say that they forget to bring it when the teacher asks them to collect the homework and the will say the same thing in the next class. This mainstream reason is still exist nowadays. Another problem is that when the teacher asks the students to collect their notebooks, some students will say that they lose the book because actually they haven’t finished the task. This classic reason is also still exist nowadays. But if we replace the student’s textbooks into digital file, there’s no reason to forget it or lose it because we can save our work online so we can download it everywhere as long as there’s internet access. So students can’t lie no more, there’s no time to be lazy, and they will probably do every task that’s given by their teacher.

Replace student’s textbooks into digital file can make students get more info from multiple sources. If we only using book, the source of information that we get is limited. When there’s a task and they can’t do that because they can’t find the answer of the task because the info in the book isn’t really that much and it’s pretty tiring finding an answer page by page. In the other side, if we replace student’s textbook into digital file, we can find the answer in the browser through internet. The browser will offer you so many result of what we search. It means that we get more info from multiple sources and it’s really helpful.

Lastly, by replacing student’s textbooks into digital file, we don’t need any paper, printing, and binding anymore. If we use digital file, we’ll reduce the use of paper. As we know that the raw material to make paper is from trees. If we still stand for using textbooks rather than digital file, there will be more trees that would be cut and the worst is that it will cause global warming. So many students nowadays are told by their teacher to print and bind their tasks. It’s quite not good because that means we’ll use more paper. Some people might not see it as a serious thing, they don’t care about how many paper they use. Since they don’t need too much money to pay, they just do the printing and binding without knowing what will be happened in the future.

In brief, replace student’s textbooks into digital file are needed for student’s goodness itself. It has so many reasons why we must replace student’s textbook into digital file. Since book is an old thing and it’s not a simple thing to carry around, we need to make changes because we live in modern era now. And we need to profit all what we have now.