The Importance of Mastering English for Indonesian

Nowadays, many countries in the world are facing globalization, no exception is Indonesia. People try to communicate with other people in the world. And In order to have a better communication with other people around the world, they use English as their language or we’ve known as a global language because most of people speak English. But, Some of Indonesian cannot speak English well. It will be difficult for Indonesia when they face globalization. So now, Indonesia has been trying to increase the application of English in daily life. In fact, parents take their children to an English course in hope their children won’t get any difficulties to speak English in the future. That is just an example about how English is important for Indonesia. Mastering English will give Indonesian several advantages.

First, English help Indonesian have a better connection with people around the world. English is known as a global language because most people in the world speak English. We will be able to know what happen in the world without any difficulty. If you often play games or open social media, most of those applications use English. With English skill, we can communicate with foreigners and get new friends. We can also get so much information and news from other countries quickly.

Next, Mastering English can help Indonesian to get hired in foreign company and to get a better position. Having a good job and higher position in our career with higher salary is what we always want. We can pursue our career by mastering English. Every company has their own qualification and one of them is the ability to speak English. For example, if we get hired in foreign company, we will be able to communicate with our boss easily. He doesn’t need to translate or switch what he said to our language. And also mastering English can help us to cooperate with other international company.

Third, Mastering English will certainly help Indonesian young people to understand their lesson in their school or college. In this globalization era, a lot of students in Indonesia like to study abroad. If you are one of them, make sure that you already learn English well because one of the requirements must be fulfilled is the English skill. In fact, Most of education books use English. So, if we master English well, we will be able to understand what we read and learn.

To conclude, Mastering English for Indonesian has 3 advantages. It gives Indonesian a better connection with the world, a better job and helps them to understand their lesson in school or college. So, mastering English is important especially for Indonesian to help them have a better future.