Do you know about tsunami disaster in Aceh? Tsunami is one of some serious disaster in Indonesia that happens on December 24 2004. This natural disaster causes so many victims. The children lost their parents. They also separated with their family. Either children or adult lost their life. So many people losing their home and actually they do not know where they will have place to stay. What will you do if you find victim of environment catastrophes like that? Will you lend a hand for them? During that situation, many people were involved in charitable activities. We can call it as philanthropy. Philanthropy is a social activity to help others by giving money, time, or energy.
We can start philanthropy by donating our money, by money we can buy something important to give. If we have much of money, we can donate our money to build school. Sometimes, we find children in poverty line that do not get education because of money. So that, if we build school, we can help them to get education facility with free payment. We also can help other by give medicine or food to victim of natural disaster .they probably do not need much money, but just need something important in that time, there are medicine or food. However, if we do not have much of money, we can give a bit of our money to beggars. It is also an example of philanthropy action by money.
Philanthropy does not always mean help by money, we can do it by time that we have. We can spend our free time by listening to people problem. So many people do not have place to hear and understand their problem. We can help them by listening what they feel, not only listen but also help. They must need advice from us to solve their problem and make them face their problem easier. We can make our free time useful by entertain other. Make other smile is also kindness because it can decrease their sadness.
Each people have energy to do what they want do. We can use our energy to philanthropy. For example being teacher without salary. It is difficult to find human resources in education aspect, moreover in this globalization era. Another example of help other by our energy is being keeper of children. There are children who became victim of natural disaster. They do not have family to keep their life.
In conclusion, we can help other who are down on their luck not only by money but also time and energy. We know that our God loves those are who benevolent. Believe, if we help other sincerely, other also will lend a hand when we slip and fall.