Video game that built-in modern computer is become more sophisticated. Modern computer allows the user to play the game using keyboard and a mouse. Sometimes video games make some advantages. For examples, when we in a leisure time we can play the game to spend our times. It is more benefit than do something negative. Video game can refresh our mind. When we bored with our activities and feel tired, it is good to play the game. Video game that contained by something funny and also entertainment can reduce our stress level in our brain. Beside those two advantages, there are some disadvantages, such as: damage our eyes, easy to forget the times, become a lazy people, easily to get anger, and also block the development of children’s brain.


Video game is an electronic game that makes the user does an interaction with the game in order to control and play the game. Nowadays, the video game is built-in the laptop or PC, so that the user can play it instantly. Video game comes with various genres. For examples, “Call of Duty” is a war video game and also “Need for Speed Underground” which shows so many great and cool cars. Although it can relax and refresh our brain, some disadvantages are come too.


First, the video game can damage our eyes. When we play video game seriously in a room that there is not enough lightening. The radiation can damage our eyes. Doctors suggest to plays the video game with an enough lightening in order to reduce the radiation from the screen when we play the video game.


Second, you can forget the times easily. When we are too enjoy the game, we may stuck on our chair and forget every things, especially time. For the video game addicted, 2 hours to play the game are not satisfy. So they will play more than 2 hours to complete their desires. Because when the game makes us enjoy of it, it will become an interesting and it may approach us to play it repeatedly.


Third, it makes us become a lazy. As we know about “addicted” that only one thing that dominant in his/her brain. The addicted always thinks how to gets something he/she likes and sometime doesn’t care how to get it. Those all make the addicted become lazy to do something, because he/she just cares with what the addicted likes and forget everything.

Fourth, we can easily get anger. When we play the game which has a high level of difficulties, and we cannot finish it, our anger will raise up. Some games can damage our mental. So we are able to become a temperamental personality.


The last disadvantage of video game is video game can block the development of children’s brain. This is can happen to children, especially for boys. Some research that published in Psychological Science in March, 2010 shows it completely. The game that plays intentionally can make the brain’s work get worst. The video breaks the children focus because children are too busy to think how to increase their game scores. So that they got bad scores almost all in their lessons, and their scores became worst.


The conclusion is everything which has advantages also has its strikes back. Especially when we use it not properly, it just gives us some bad impacts. In addition, it will be better for you to use the technology as proper as we can. So, it will give us the benefits.