Indonesia got a big disaster in Aceh on December, 2004. It was Tsunami that took so many victims, millions of people. It made Indonesia felt sad deeply, and it also took a big sympathy from others country. But, Indonesia could move on and repaired all the harm and damaged facilities well. Indonesia’s development could happen because of its philanthropic peoples. Everyone can be a philanthropist, who sacrifices money, time, talent, or anything to help others.

Philanthropy is a good activity which sacrifices something to help peoples who are down on their luck. Someone who do something little to help other can be call as a philanthropist. For example, someone who helps the blind to crosses the road. With our advantages, we must help the blind. The fact that we are peoples who need each other, it means we cannot life alone.

The first thing that a philanthropist used to sacrifices is money. It is a simple way to do a kind-hearted activity. We just have to donate our money to the peoples whom need it. For example, you can donate our money to the orphans in the orphanage or give our money to the elderly. Another example, when our country is in an unfortunate condition that we got a disaster. After tragedy happened, the government makes an agreement to show the slide news below the television’s program, the slide news content are about up-to-date news and also the step or how to donate our money. When the money is collected, it will deliver to the victims. If you do that, you already become a philanthropist, that you sacrifice your money for someone goodness.

Second is time. Peoples who sacrifice their time to do a positive activity to help others people are one of categories of a philanthropist. Sacrifice time, means you can be there when someone needs help or when someone is in a trouble. For example, when someone feels sad, you can be there for him/her. You can ask him/her to share what the problem is, than you can be a good listener and also a good adviser to help to solve the problem. Another case, you can sacrifice your time to become a people who entertain the victims of a big disaster. They must be got a big impact in their heart, feel scared and don’t know what to do. What a nice guy who sacrifices his/her time just for the victims? All peoples have their each activity that sometimes is not easy to leave on to postpone it. But when you sacrifice it, you are become a philanthropist.

Third are talents. All peoples have their each talent. It can be something or a talent which can be good for others. In a disaster case, one of our talents might be an important thing for the victims. For example, you have a talent on swimming. You can join the rescue team and help them to find the lost victims. Other examples, you can entertain people with your skill to play a music instrument. You can make a free small concert for the have-nots which don’t have enough money to buy the ticket for a big concert. Last example, you can be a tutor if you have a talent in giving lessons. It is so important for the have-nots so that they can get knowledge for their future.

Fourth, you can give anything to help others, such as: knowledge and foods. Knowledge, it is very important thing to do our life. We won’t be anything if we don’t have any knowledge. So, when someone needs a lesson, why don’t we share ours to him/her? Foods, it is so useful for them or the poverty. Share with them is better than we enjoy it ourselves.

The conclusion is with sacrifice something we have, it can be anything, means we did a philanthropic activity. So we already became philanthropists who are nice and kind-hearted. Not only the haves who sacrifice many things, but also we as ordinary peoples who help someone with a little thing can be call as a philanthropist.