Jakarta, February 2 2011

Audio visuals or videos have always been interesting to be used as teaching aids in classes. Therefore, Ghitta Hayati from LIA Kalimalang presented how to create videos using the simple video software, Windows Movie Maker. The reasons why Ghitta chose Windows Movie Maker because of its availability in everyone’s computer and its user friendliness.

Ghitta started the presentation by showing the samples of videos she had worked on. Then she went on with the workshop creating the video clips with the twenty participants at the computer laboratory of LIA Pramuka. Not only creating videos, Ghitta also taught participants how to upload the videos to Youtube and how to burn the videos into DVD format to be available for used by means of DVD player. The video Ghitta has uploaded at Youtube can be seen by following this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFjcnHVpMto