Jakarta, November 10 2010

In this Wednesday Sharing Session, Ms. Pranawangsih Yuniarti, a.k.a. Wawa presented what she had attended from the previous Pearson Day. The sharing session covered the reading techniques for children classes. In this session Wawa focused the drilling techniques for vocabulary, grammar, functions and others.
There were some interesting features that she presented regarding teaching English for Children. Firstly, teaching English for children should be fun since it is the first time children encounter the language. Therefore the enjoyment that they get will determine their attitudes in learning English in the future. Secondly, teaching English to children means teaching them language components for future uses, not for immediate uses. Thirdly, drilling plays an important role in the children’s longer retention of the language components. Next, Wawa demonstrated some fun ways of drilling techniques for vocabulary, such as Pass the Flashcards, Touch the Balloon, Sweep It away, The Journey of a Tissue Paper, Ping pong and Mysterious Envelope. Then, Wawa also demonstrated other fun ways of drilling techniques for grammar, functions and others, such as  Give Me Five, Dancing Crazy, First Come-First Served, Active Reading and Kungfu Moves.
All in all the presentation was interesting and the activities were a lot of fun for the participants. It is always fun to join WSS.