Jakarta, October 26, 2011

The Sharing Session started with Pak Sonny with his presentation titled “Convergent and Divergent Thinking”. The aim of convergent and divergent thinking is to make students to be able to solve problems, think creatively and critically, make decisions, generate new ideas, analyze information and plan for the future. Basically, whether one has either convergent or divergent thinking usually depends on their brain dominance inventory–right brain thinking or left brain thinking. Convergent thinking manifests itself in the questions which require students to answer questions by putting facts together and constructing an answer; divergent thinking takes the form as the questions which are thought-provoking and require more than one acceptable answer. Divergent questions might create new problem situations and require students sythesize ideas and construct a meaningful solution.

Drawing Tips for Classroom Use

For the second session, Ibu Yudi presented a sharing titled “Drawing Tips for Classroom Use”. As an expert in teaching English for young learners, Ibu Yudi shared her knowledge and skills to make illustration by using simple scribbles and squiggles. As simple as they might get, they could depict emotions,ideas and meanings clearly. The key to success in drawing is exercise, so we spent the whole sessions learning how to practice making straight lines, curls, curves and circles correctly. The outcome was awesome that from combining those scribbles we could make drawings that can convey emotions.

P.S.: We had to interrupt this session because TTD tried to make a good use of this opportunity to give out our farewell gifts to the two presenters, as they are retiring.