In this modern era, technology is in high development. Because of technology, complex thing can be changed into simple thing. And besides that, because of technology, difficult problem can be solved easily. Technology is very popular. In the last time, people did something traditionally which could spend very long time, but now people can do everything easily and faster. Yes, the development of technology helps us so much. We can get information by using internet. We also can send a message without go to the post office first, just type the message in our hand phone and send it. Everything can be done easily with technology. If we see the technological advancement clearly, we will find some uniqueness of the technology in this time, such as smallest technology, technology with water power, and technology from discarded object.
The development of technology is so fast. Many people race each other to make the newest kind of technology. And today, the newest technology with the name nanotechnology had come. This technology has very small size, like atom. Nanotechnology has many advantages for human’s life. It can cure cancer, increase soldier’s antibody when they are at war, and many more. To cure cancer, nanotechnology will be put in sufferer’s body, and then it will work to fight cancer inside of our body. While for soldier to increase their antibody, it is used when they war. The nanotechnology will be put in soldier’s body, and then it will work to make soldier not feel sleepy when they war. The function of nanotechnology is so helping people’s life.
The other newest technology besides nanotechnology is water power technology. Some people in Japan have made technology like that. Those are water powered phone, water power clock, water fuel car, and many more. That kind of technology uses very simple power. When someone use water power phone or water power clock, when the battery is low, she just put the water into battery place. And after that, she can use it again and again. Just like water power phone and water power clock, water fuel car also has same way when the fuel almost empty.
And the last of unique technology which has been made is hand phone from trace bottle and hand phone from cigarette pack. That kind of technology can be found in Las Vegas. And from that, it can decrease the number of electronic garbage in the world.
From three kinds of uniqueness of newest technology above, we can say that the technological advancements in this era are so fantastic. High technology with scarce power can be changed into simple and friendly power. Someone said that do not catch after technology because technology is endlessly but enjoy every technology right now.

By Ninies HI-3