Nowadays, the development of technology becomes hot news for every people in this world. Many people race each other to make a newest kind of technology. It is made to help people’s life. So, people can do everything easily, without any trouble in their work. But, if we see the side effect of the technology itself, we can find a few bad effects beside many good effects we get. Take laptop as the example. The words “laptop” is very familiar in our life. Laptop is a kind of computer which can be brought everywhere. There are many kinds of laptop we can find in this world. Big size or laptop, small size or it is usually called a netbook, even the newest technology named I-pad. Those kinds of laptop generally have same function. It can help our works can be done faster. We can bring it everywhere and we also can use it every time we want. The difference between laptop, notebook and i-pad is just the model and the size. But, people do not realize the side effect from that kind of technology in their life. That kind of technology can be made something bad in our life, because it can make a line between the rich and the poor, save bad documents, photos and videos, and it can increase the number of garbage.
The social condition in this time is very dramatic phenomenon. It seems like the rich becomes more rich and the poor becomes more poor. And it is condition added by the rich people who can buy everything they want, such as laptop. In the past, laptop is the taboo thing to hear, because there were computers. But today, people with money they have can buy it. How about the other? They, with low-economic condition cannot buy something named laptop. Their money is just used to buy foods and drinks for they own life. That’s why the technology which is usually called laptop can make a line between the rich and the poor.
And let we see the condition of people in this modern time. Most of them are so fanatic with the word named internet. From internet, people can get everything they want. They can get the information in Google, Kaskus, or Wikipedia. They also can get the picture or video of their favorite actor. But, after they download it, they save it in their own laptop. Who knows that they download a good picture or video? They can download everything they want. And they can save it in their own laptop without any obstacles. It’s clear that laptop can save bad documents, pictures and also videos.
Many people in this world use laptop or notebook for their work. But they do not realize that they make electronic garbage which cannot be recycle anymore. If someone who had had a computer at home but she buy laptop more than one, it is mean that she is making garbage. The reasons why someone buy a new laptop are beside they want to do their tasks more easy and they can do that every time; they also buy a new laptop because they want to change their old computer with the new one. Some of them do not know that if they change their computer at home and buy laptop or notebook, their old computer will threw away automatically. And one place which is used for discarded object is in Pacific. Every garbage, especially electronic garbage which cannot be recycling anymore is there. And if we buy laptop then we throw away our computer, we becomes the subject who make the number of garbage increase.
From three drawbacks of laptop above, we can say that laptop can be the best thing but also laptop can be the worst thing for our life, it is all depend of the people. We can still enjoy the positive side of laptop if we use it in the right way. Someone said that do not follow our emotion, but follow our mind.
By Ninis HI-3