Vivian P.T. HI-3

In this modern era, it would be impossible to find someone who don’t know the internet. Internet is like a line that connecting us to people outside, even abroad. Some of people thought that internet in only for the teenagers, social networking, game online, and many more. So adult don’t need it. But, it is wrong. The adult can use the internet for business such as e-banking, stock, and many more. But, we can’t deny that internet is not always good. Like all the things in this world, internet has the goodness and the badness. It is depend on us as a human, want to choose the good one, or the bad one. Now, let me explain to you some of the goodness and the badness of internet. Internet does not only have benefit, but also drawbacks.
First, up to date. In internet millions information is available for us. Form the oldest news, until the latest news. It is hard to find the information from the newspaper or magazine. Because information from those things is usually only from inside the country, with the internet we can get the information even from abroad.
Second-It is easy to communicate. With chatting on facebook, Skype, y!m and many more, we can communicate to people far far away from us. Actually, without internet we can keep in touch with them, but the cost is very expensive and usually it is hard to do. So, internet is our best solution, it is cheaper and easier.
Third-It is easy to share. Since internet exists, we do not have to write a book to be a writer, we also do not have to be a model first if we want people to know us. Why? Because trough the internet we share everything that we want. We can post our writing; we can upload our photos or videos to our blog. How easy internet is!
And the last but not least is, we can do so many things easier. With e-learning, learn is not so hard anymore, we don’t have to buy book, we can learn without teacher and even we can learn only at home, as long as our computer at home has the internet connection. Also with e-banking, we don’t have to go to the bank and stand in line that actually wasting our time, we only need smart phone that has the internet facility. Why we have to deal with complicated thing, if we can make it easy.
Internet have so many benefits like I said before, but we can’t ignore the drawback. Now, let’s talk about the drawbacks.
First-privacy is hard to find. In internet, there are so many hackers, hackers can enter our account illegally and they can have our information even if we don’t want to. Hackers can get our details that actually not we shared to other in internet.
Second-it causes criminality. In internet we can get so many new friends, like in facebook or twitter. Today, so many people be the victims of kidnapping on social networking, it happen because we are to easy to trust new people. And also there is monkey business, many website offering us much money, prize, and many tempting thing, and most of them is fake, hoax. It is only to fooling us, taking our money and then just leave us in regret.
Third, it causes addiction. This addiction happens in most of the teenagers, but it doesn’t mean that the adults cannot get addicted. This addiction is usually to the social networking, such as Friendster, facebook, twitter. And game online such as Ayo Dance, Point Blank, and many more. If we get addict, there is no time for eat, pray, talk to other people, or even take a bath. You only sit in front of the computer and keep silent for so many hours. And it is really ruin our daily life.
The last is lack of socialize. With Skype, or chatting on internet, we don’t need to do the real conversation if we want to communicate with them. We only need to type what we want to say on the keyboard. Internet makes us easier to do that, internet make us addicted with that. FYI, it’s make us like a freak. We have already know that human is a social beings, we need the REAL socialize.
In conclusion, internet has the bright side, and the dark side. It is our responsibility to use it as wise as we can. In this globalization, of course we can’t just leave the internet to avoid the drawbacks, because we need the benefits of internet itself. So, it is our job as human to filter it, in order that internet is not so bad to use.