The question above is the result of my AMAZING experience that I got ths morning on my trip back to Cirebon from my home town-Sumedang. I got on this crowded economy-class bus and apparently the only available seats were those on the back row. Without thinking further, I immidiately took the chance and sat there. It was going to be a long trip and I needed to get myself a seat, so I could continue my sleep on the bus. And, not long after, a couple middle-aged women got on the bus and sat next to me. Then, it’s getting more exciting.

These women apparently had never met each other before. And without proper introduction, they started to talk to one another. It was the condition of the bus that they first commented. How crowded it was and what they used to take when they knew if the bus was crwoded. Then, it moved on to the next topic-family. They talked about it for several minutes. They were very chattery in deed. They had laughs in the middle of the conversation. They also commented on how the bus swerved and skidded and many more. You probably wonder how I could listen to them attentively. Well, I actually didn’t mean to, but the way they talked is impossible to ignore, especially the bigger woman. She laughed so loudly that woke me up in the middle of my sleep. After that, the topic changed to personal experiences. One of them had a terrible one-having all her money pickpcketed in one of the markets she usually visits. She had to leave home borrowing money from the shop keeper-the one she frequently visits for shopping. Then, the other one responded with her own stories. And the conversation went on and on for TWO HOURS.

What facinated me the most is that these women never introduce themselves to one another, yet they seemed to freely able to talk about almost anything. It’s not something that I read from the CONVERSATION Guide BOOK, which suggests me to properly introduce ourselves in order to make the conversation more smoothly. well, it doesn’t apply here…

The right word to describe how these women involved in the conversation for so long would be: AMAZING. I mean, I never had that long conversation even with my best friend. What they have done there is trully amazing for me. I hated at first, since they disturb my piece in my sleep, but after listening to how these women talked, I changed my mind. Two thumbs up, madams…

Written by :
Roni S. Sumiarsa
A teacher at LBPP LIA Cirebon