Weekends are the moment that many people would wait and expect the most. After working 5-6 days in a week, we need some time to relax and release our tense. Some of us have probably plans of activities to spend during the weekend. Now, what are those weekend activities that you have for the coming weekend?

The first fave activities during the weekends are hobbies. For those who are sporty type, they would go in to doing some exercise or do some sport activities like basketball, futsal, football and many more. Some even would go cycling long distances with their group. Some even go crossing countryside for relaxation with their motor trail and have a blast of adventure. Or, if you are not that sporty type but still want to do some sport, you can always join an aerobics with some people in public parks. And still have a great time with their activities.

Housewives can also make use of the weekends to practice cooking or try out new recipes that they got from magazines or tv programs and entertain their family with their hard-work cooking.  Even when cooking is not the option, these energetic housewives still can spend their valuable time by redecorating the rooms in their house. Some ideas, right?

For those young yuppies who spend their 5-day work in a week can get a kick out of their leisure time doing some pleasant moment with their friends in cafes and clubs and enjoy the atmosphere while sipping a cup of assorted coffee or bubble tea. And if they still have some more energy they can always try some adrenaline rush joining a war game in air-soft gun or paint-ball battle with their clubs.

In short, there are many alternative activities for everyone to choose from to spend the weekends. All we need to do is just think of any intersting activity that attracts your attention and just give it a try. So, what areyou waiting for? start talking about this with your gang and be ready to have a blast from it. Have a nice weekend guys… Have fun, go mad!!

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