In this modern age, who doesn’t know ipod or iphone? Two of the most popular gadgets in the world tha we know today. What makes these gadgets so popular was their ability to store huge number of music or other audio files in its memory bank. These two gadgets are the mist popular music player that people would drool to have one of these into their possession. But not many of us know that it was all started from a simple product that failed in the contest held by a local magazine in Japan.

It was all started when a Japanese magazine held a contest to make the most interesting audio player. One of the company that answer to the challenge was Sony Corp. The company tried to make a breakthrough by designing a gadget that was first intended for house wives that had to go to work at that era. It was in early 1970’s when many Japanese women entered the labor force. Many of them were housewives. They had to leave their children home while working in some factories. The idea was to make a hand memo that was easy to use and could be played when the children arrived home or went to school. The memo was intended to give these women a chance to leave messages to their children to tell them where they cold get the lunch or keys, or some message to be careful on their way to school. That simple. And the idea took Shuhei Taniguchi’s attention. Taniguchi, a designer from Sony Corp, came up with the idea of creating a device that he called as mechaless. Mechaless derived from the word mecha for mechanical, which the whole idea was to make a device that was small in size and compact. At the time, when people wanted to listen to music, they had to sit in front of a bulky music player such as turn tables or stereo set complete with its huge speakers. In short, it was not something that you can do anywhere at any time.