The sound of takbir was behind me when I drove my bike that night. I was just driving home from a private lesson when suddenly I saw myself at home with my family. It was a lebaran eve, and I should be at home with my mom and dad. The sound of takbir made my memory of celebrating any lebaran moment with my family got stronger and stronger. I really missed home.

The flashing of vehicles headlight awoke me from my imagination. It was a cold night, and I still sped my bike towards home-well not really my home. Back then when I was still in Sumedang, my hometown, I wouldn’t be outside or on the street like that night. I would probably stay at home with my family, with my dad, with my mom. It was 9 years ago. I could see myself with my dad in the living room. We would be busy chatting talking about what was on tv. When it was late night and everyone else was fast asleep, my dad and I would sneak in to find the cookies or anything my mom made before the lebaran. She knew our habit of eating the cookies or fries that she had prepared for the lebarans, so she would hide them somewhere in the house. And it has been our challenge for my dad and I to find them. We got lucky most of the time. However, when we didn’t get lucky, we usually had a back-up plan. We would buy some snacks and soft drinks for the evening. Then, we would munch on those snacks and wash them with a glass of soda or syrup. What a great time we had back then. When I realized, I was already near my boarding house. I was too beat to watch tv or just browse the net. So, I decided to hit the bed preparing for the shalat the next morning.

I was awoken when my alarm rang so loudly. It was the lebaran day, and all of the sudden I felt so lonely. Most of my friend in the boarding house had left home to celebrate the lebaran back home, leaving me all to myself. I rushed myself to the bathroom downstairs and took a quick shower and prepared for the shubuh prayer. After the prayer I turned on the computer and hooked myself to the net, checking my Facebook and browsed some email. Knowing I was all alone made me felt so sad. Gosh I hated this. Then it was time for the Ied prayer. I went to the nearby mosque and prayed there. It started to rain, though it was very light. The sky was dark as if it was ready to rain anytime. It suited my feeling pretty well I guess. When I arrived to my room suddenly my phone rang. It was Janti, a colleague cum my friend. She called to ask me to come to her house. Having nothing on my agenda that day, I decided to go. Well, who knows I’d find something fun to do there, I thought. Janti’s husband happens to be a Gupla (Gundam Play) freak and I happen to be a fan of Gupla, too-though I didn’t have gupla collection unlike him. I thought may be her husband wanted to show his new collection.

After half an hour ride, I was finally there. To my surprise, all my friends from the office gathered there. Janti’s husband had a Qurban-an animal sacrifice-that day. He invited our colleagues and close friends to have a small barbecue party at their house. Suddenly, I felt something wet on my cheek. Well, I might not be at home with my family, but I had these people who cared about me on this big day. Thank you O’ Lord for giving me these super friends. My lebaran day was not a complete lost after all. We had a great barbecue that day.