Video games have become trend in this century for everyone. We can see many children and also adults play this kind of technology. Sometimes they play it in their home, school for some students who bring laptop which have application for video games, or sometimes in a video games rental. While there are many advantages in video games, video games also have some drawbacks. Playing video games over and over can bring some bad effects for the users, physically and mentally.

Some psychologists prove that some bad behaviors from children are caused by video games. For example, playing video games every time can make children forget time. So, they can’t study as usual because they are busy with their games. This also affects workers. Some of them delay to do their job because they can’t stop playing game which is very fun for them. So, they become procrastinator.

First, video games also have mental drawbacks. One of the examples is video games make children have bad attitude. Some children like playing action games which show them how to fight someone badly. An example of the games is Naruto, which show them how to fight someone, so they do what they think they can do in negative way. They tend to show other children that they are strong and they are the strongest children in the world. That’s make children become bad.

The next drawback is children can be very selfish. Some games make children do everything by themselves. Like games which ask children to build their own city. It makes children think that they can do whatever they want and they arrange anything by themselves. That makes the behavior of children turn 180°.

Physical drawbacks from video games are some trouble in eyes and also brain. For our eyes, the monitor of video games can make our eyes sick. Some children wear glasses because of the radiation of the video games monitor since they like to watch/see the monitor for a long time. monitor radiation can also give bad effect for brain. For example, we may get headache if we keep playing video games with the positions our eyes is very close to the monitor. It can make our brain function screwed up and it can be broken.

In short, playing video games too much can give you bad effects that you will never realize and it has been proven by many people. Keep in mind that playing video games too much will slowly damage your eyes and brain and also make you lazy and have bad attitude that you mustn’t have.

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