One day, Jeanette’s father got a new work. However, Jeanette’s families have to move out from Bandung. They will get a new place in Jakarta. It will be a sad moment because Jeanette has just been in Bandung for two months. For that time, Jeanette has already gotten many new friends. She just has two weeks left for saying good-bye and having fun with her best friends.
Sometime Jeanette feels sad. She cries now. Then there was a sound of knocking door.
“Hey Jeanette open the door, please.” Her brother Adam shouted at the behind of the door. She unlocked the door.
“Have you been crying Jeanette?” Adam asked.
“No, I’m not!” Jeanette answered.
“Yes, you are, look at your eyes at the mirror, your eyes is red” Adam answered surely.
“I can’t imagine this, we’re moving out of towns in two months,” Jeanette sighed. Adam leant back in his chair.
“I can’t either. I don’t want to move out.” Said Adam.
Jeanette hung her head. “I’m going to miss my best friends,” she began to sniff. “We’ve known each other for so long.” Seeing how heartbroken his little sister was, Adam turned to her.
“I’m sure it’s not going to be so bad.” Adam offered.
“You are?” Jeanette asked.
“I’m,” Adam reassured her. “In fact, I think it’s going to be great, you know. You can e-mail your friends and tell them about the new place, can’t you? You’ll have a lot to talk about.” Jeanette rubbed her nose with the back of her hand.
“Maybe,” she said softly.
“You will,” Adam smiled, looking at his sister’s sad face. “Now where is your smile? I won’t have a cry baby for a sister.” Jeanette rolled her eyes and pushed her brother away playfully.
Finally, they go to Jakarta without any sad feeling. Jeanette always sends her friends an e-mail every weekend. Tell about Jakarta and everything interesting thing there.