Actually, I really enjoyed reading the article about the interview with Tommy Thomdean. I personally don’t like drawing, but I really like reading comic and cartoon. Because I think reading comic or cartoon are more fun better than drawing. But I like see the work of an artist, they are so good of make a beautiful art.

Two things that I like in the article about Tommy said in the interview were about the plagiarism and about young Indonesian cartoonists.

First, it’s about the plagiarism. He said that Plagiarism is shows that you are unable to think creatively. People who copy from others, want everything fast to get instant rewards. They don’t appreciate hard work and originality. I agree with Tommy Thomdean. He right told about the Plagiarism. I think the Plagiarism are don’t think about someone work who their copy. The real artist is who has a real talent about art not to copy from someone. It was included in the criminal. The Plagiarism is also detrimental not only from the artist who makes the art but also for the Plagiarism too.. I strongly disagree with the Plagiarism.

Second, it’s about young Indonesian cartoonists. I agree with him again. He said that young Indonesian cartoonists have a talent. They’re as good as their peers in other countries. Many have taken part in cartoon competitions in foreign countries. And I think the young Indonesian cartoonists had brought and scent Indonesia in International and other foreign countries. It’s proved by many young Indonesian cartoonists brought achievements for the competition in foreign countries. And we must to proud with achievements from kid nation who scent Indonesia name in the eyes of world. And like Tommy Thomdean’s word to be the encouragement to kid nation. He said that they should keep on being creative, joining competitions and exhibitions. They should continue looking for new ideas, improving their skills, and always try to do their best.