Have you sometimes wondered why we were like this? Well, I, for one, had this thought many times. I used to wonder why My Lord did this to mylife… or thought that My Lord is not fair to me. Then, I saw this commercial on tv for its program, about two blind girls who adored a group band that inspired them to accept what happen to them.

The simplest statement I’ve ever heard actually. They said they learned to accept what ever the Almighty has planned for them, because they believe that what ever the Almighty plans, it must be for the good for us. Unconsciously, I dropped some tears. I was so touched by these two little girls’ view. I found myself dumbfounded for a while. I mean where have I been all this time not aware this simple fact of life.

Then I came to think of what my friend had said few months ago about the purpose of our existence-as human being, that is. She said we have to give it our best shot and let the rest to God. We just need to try. Whether or not we succeed, is not that important anymore. Well, of course, it will be fun to succeed. However, there’s nothing wrong by being fail once in a while. Go figure…