A friend of mine told me this story this morning. He told me that he had this bad relationship with his exes. He told me how much his friend used to have great time together with his exes, but when his friends broke up with his exes, he(his friend) didn’t have it smoothly. So now, every time he meets his exes, he would turn away and avoid them.

Personally, I don’t wanna know their problem since I don’t know exactly who they are. However, may be I can learn something from this. So, I said, why did he avoid his exes? My friend didn’t answer it right away, but instead he asked me a question. He said, what would I do if after all this time his friend actually never stop thinking of his exes, at least one particular person? Then, I thought for a while and answered I would probably tell her, the ex, how I felt about it. Then, my friend said, that’s exactly what happened to him, the friend. And apparently, the ex didn’t feel the same and thought the friend was still after her. So, now every time she meets him, both of them would look the other way and avoid each other.

Should it be that serious? Well, I could not blame anyone here in this case. They have any right to do so. After all, it’s their lives. Then I started to think that may be, just may be, they need a third prty to clear the misunderstanding between them. And whomever the 3rd party is, he/she should be neutral and unbiased. And may be the 3 party can help yhem by giving insight to the disputing party of what they could do to end the dispute. Well, I thought I was quite lucky, I didn’t have problem with my exes. Other wise, I might have the same problem with the friend, and I knew it wouldn’t be nice.