Dear fellow Exodusers,
Some of you have probably begun your exodus trip to your hometown. Some may still have to buzz in the work place doing some nasty reports that you may hate doing coz you’re already aching to go home…to your hometown. We share the same experience from year to year, right?

Well, despite all those things I mention above, there is no justified excuse for not doing your work well. After all, it’s your living. You earn your living from it, don’t you? Aching to go home-be with your loved ones, especially those you haven’t seen for quite some time can be dismotivating for your work. Don’t we all have it? However, it should not let you down to do your job well. Gentlemen, and Ladies, those who work in the service business(don’t we all? ^_^) we need to show others, the user of our services that we still serve them even though all the obstacles in front of all of us. So, be strong my brothers and sisters… We can make it. Together we will prevail.

Carry on our good job. Show them our best. Holiday will come for all of us. HAPPY HOLIDAY!

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