Last Sunday, August 9, 2009 LBPP LIA Cirebon held the long waited students competition. It was the biggest event this year for LIA Cirebon. And Thank Goodness, it went very well. So, We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to all participants and the parents for making the event successful. We could not make it with out your support and participation. And the winners in the competition are:
I. Talk Category:
1. AnaviraNuravita (EC4B)
2.Krishna Febianda (EC4B)
3.Nicolas (EC6A)

II. Testify Category:
1.Dwitiya Bayu (ET10)
2.Uzdah Wasilah (ET10)
3.Windy (ET2)

III. Speak Category:
1.Marsha Maritha (EL4)
2.SoyGunasih (CV1)
3.Arassari Kusuma Dewi (IN1)

Winner of Speak Contest (EL1-IN2;CV1-CV3)

Winner of Speak Contest (EL1-IN2;CV1-CV3)

IV. Say Category:
1. Ruth Lasamahu (HI4)
2. Sonia Rosliana (HI2)
3. Dio Agro Nugroho (HI3)