Last holiday I met a dear old friend of mine. We haven’t seen each other for quite some time-almost8 years. We talk about one thing to another and without realizing it he asked me whether I have found my miss right. He came to this surprising idea. He advised me not to choose a wife based on love alone. There were many things to consider. He said, choosing a wife is like planning to buy a new motorcycle.
What? That was my first reaction. I couldn’t believe my ears. But then, he explained that when we want to buy a motorcycle, we usually pay attention to its quality. For a moment, I see his point. He continued, the same thing applies when we choose a wife. We would consider her quality; her educational background, her personality, her passion and also her likes and dislikes.Surely, we wouldn’t want to have wife who doesn’t fit with your traits or your liking, right?
Then, he continued. The next thing you need to consider is its company’s background. It means that we have to be sure that the motorbike comes from a reputable company, not just any company-which probably doesn’t have good reputation. The same thing also applies with our future wife. We need to see if she comes from a good family or not. You wouldn’t want to have a wife whose family is not typically good and well-mannered.
The third, he mentioned that when buying a new motorcycle is its after sales service. What kind of services that we can get once we purchase the bike. If the company gives us good offer, that will be great. But at least, when we need repairing, we need to consider if it is accessible and close to our place. We wouldn’t want to go so far just to get service. The same thing also applies when we get married. Now, after the marriage we probably will not think of needing the family help since there are only the two of you. However, consider this, once you have children and both of you work or at least one of you get sick, will there be anyone who can help you in taking care the children. Come to think of it, It’ll be nice to have the family close to you in such emergency. You can’t trust a babysitter to do all that. This is what he called ‘after sale service’ in choosing a wife. Now, it’s up to you. You decide what best for you and your future. Choosing a wife should not be taken lightly. Do not let your romance and frenziness of your love blind you to these future fact.