When the bombs exploded last months, Indonesians, especially Moslems put their focus on the event. The culprit was not yet to be found… However, recently the police discovered, or at least that what they claimed, the one responsible for the disaster was Noordin M. Top. Then, last week a web blog also made its statement that support the claim. The blog said that JI was responsible for that darn disaster. Some blame certain group of people, either it is religion, or sect. Actually, who should we blame for it? Nobody would want to be blame. One thing that we should in mind is that, this accident-maybe more-can happen because we, as citizen, are not critical to our surrounding. We have become a country that is full of permissive people. We are careless to our own neighborhood. If only we were more cautious and alert to our surrounding, none of this would have happened. But what is done is done. What are we going to do now? I say, start changing our perspective. Be cautious and alert to the changes in our surrounding. Report any suspicious activity-especially if it involves outsiders. Be aware, our neighborhood is our responsibility.