At this moment, there has been much advancement in technology. Although there is much advancement, mostly are from communication and information sector. For example internet, laptop and there are many other advancement. This advancement has many benefits to many people. There is some advancement that is very useful. However, Has anyone reaped the benefit of it?

First is internet, since found many decades ago, internet have been so much advanced. Nowadays, almost all people in the world have used internet in many sectors, such as in communications, business, or even for education. Second is laptop. Actually, laptop is not so much different from its forerunner, a computer. But, a laptop is smaller than a computer. So, we can bring it and use it anywhere.

The next is flash disk. A flash disk has the same function as a Compact Disk (CD) or a Floppy disk. But, flash disk have more capacity than the usual CD and floppy disk and smaller design. Because of its simple design, people usually hang it at their neck. The fourth is electronic dictionary. With an electronic dictionary, people can easily find the meaning of words faster than using a dictionary book.
The fifth is a digital camera. Digital camera uses a memory chip to save picture instead of a film roll. So, we can choose which picture to be saved or which one to be deleted. This kind of camera is more efficient than the usual camera which use film roll or a Polaroid camera. The last one is Hand phone. As we know, a hand phone is used to communicate with voice or text. But, the newest technology allows the user who uses the hand phone to see the face of the caller, which is called video call.

All in all, these advancements have many benefits. But, those who can reap the benefits from this advancement mostly are the haves. The reason is because of the advanced electronic gadget cost which can cost until millions of rupiah. In short, even though the advancement of technologies has many benefits, the cost always is the general problem. In the future, this problem should be reduced to make the have-nots can reap the benefits from this advancement.