Almost everybody likes music. Human life can’t be closed to rhythm; even our pulses and heart have rhythm. Music has power and advantages to its listener. We can find many advantages of the music in our lives, apart from making us happy and fun. Music is beneficial for education, health, and spirit in our life.

First, music is as education method. The meaning of music as educational method is music can increase our intelligent and make children be creative. Dra. Tjipto Susana, M.Si, said, music can stimulate neuron connection, so when we’re listening to music, so some of our systems are stimulated to work and have connections among neurons that they work better. When someone is listening to music, especially soft music, it can make our mood and felling happy and if our mind is like this, so our brain can work maximum. We can do everything with excellent result. Using music as back song when we study is a good method, because when we study, the system in our brain is tight. However, after we listen to soft music, the systems in our brain will be loose again, so we can enjoy and happy to study. Moreover, when we play a music instrument, it can help our coordination between our motoric systems and our sense. Music can also increase our memory and intelligence. Learning music can make our brain better. The scientists from Canada compare the children-between 4-6 years old-who take music lesson in their class and don’t take music lesson. They found, that children who take music have better memory than the children who don’t take music lesson.

Second, music has advantages to our health. It means that music can help cure some of diseases. Using music as substitute of medicine is lower than use medicine. In fact, many scientists show that music can cure some diseases; like, cancer, heart, stroke and stroke. Someone who has cancer, when he is going to have chemotherapy, he always says sick and doesn’t enjoy it, but after he listens to music during chemotherapy, he says he enjoys and it can decrease his illness. Dr. Michael Miller says, that music can soothe someone emotions and felling, especially blood flow and heart. He says when we are listening to our favorite music and soft music, heart and blood flow are working the same condition with someone who is happy and fun. Because of that, listening to music is good to our heart and good to help cure stroke. No wonder, many hospitals in other countries use music as therapy to help cure some diseases.

Third, music gives us spirit in our life. If we’re listening to music, it can present certain atmosphere of feeling, like, happy or sad. It depends on the listener. Music can boost our spirit when we feel down. Music can bring new spirit to the weary heart, accentuate when we fall in love, or even brings life back to the broken-hearted. Music can even bring us closer to our religion and touched by the melody and make the listener closer to their God.

Therefore, music is important and has advantages in our life. Color our lives with beautiful music, so our lives have meaning and are useful for other people around us.