Love the Ones You’re With

I love my life! Happiness is about loving the ones you are with and loving them right, as well as loving them the way you want to be loved in return! Sure , I am like most others when it comes to money and such always wanting more of that but when it comes down to what truly matters in this world – love I feel rich as they come.

Happiness in this blog, can offer only guidance and advice based on my own experiences that I hope will help you find your way to your own happiness.

Let’s begin by reviewing some facts from happiness researchers, who look past plastic surgery, fancy homes, and lots of money for the true source of happiness. Research points to specific concrete things that do in fact nurture internal, long-term happiness. That list includes the following:

Religion. Involvement in faith improves social and community ties, which leads to greater happiness.

Sense of humor. People with a hopeful outlook that demonstrates joy to others are less likely to be dragged down by negative events.

Free time. Activities that combine socializing, physical activity, and the need for some level of skill are shown to led to happiness.

Happiness Is Somewhere in Between

Some people can never be happy unless the conditions are what they consider to be absolute perfect. The job, the house, the money in the bank, their waistline, and hairline, kid’s school, you name it. They have to have all of the above to be happy at all. They think that some day when all this happens at once, they’ll find true happiness. And they’re always disappointed, whether they get it or not, since the list of requirements keeps getting longer.

Other people manage to find a little joy here and there-enough to keep them happy. They cherish and savor ach one of these moments that might be overlooked by someone else. And they’re always smiling like idiots-even though the rest of us can’t see any reason to smile.

I try hard not to be the first type, and I wish very hard that I could be the second type. But with all the demands of life. I’m just happy to be somewhere in between. Written by: Olin. Thanks Olin