Nowadays, many cars and motorcycles are used in the world. Car and motorcycle are ordinary things because many people use them. People prefer to drive a car or ride a motorcycle than to ride a bicycle because car and motorcycle are faster and more modern than bicycle. On the other hand, they don’t know that bicycle offer some advantages for them. They never think that bicycle will give them a better life. Many people know that riding bicycle is good for physical fitness since it is good for their heart and metabolism. And it is just for starter. Riding a bicycle within the city offers more advantages for them. Riding a bicycle within the city is healthy, economical, and useful.

The first point, which we should know, is that riding a bicycle within the city is healthy. By riding a bicycle, we can improve our health quality. If we choose riding a bicycle within the city as our habit, we will get an improvement on our body health quality. Riding a bicycle also makes blood distribution works better. It means the transportation system on our body will work better. The oxygen and the nutrient will be distributed well and our body will get what it needs. Besides that, riding a bicycle can give lower weight. Nowadays, many women from different countries compete to decrease their weight because they don’t like their body. They do everything include some bad ways such as drink many medicine and do extreme diet which are not good for their health. If they can find another option which is more save for their body to decrease their weight, why don’t they do it? Riding a bicycle not only give them lower weight, but also be a health way to do it. And this way not only can be used by women who feel unsatisfied with their body, but also can be used by people with obesity problem. The other advantage is that riding a bicycle is good for our heart. Our heart is practiced to be stronger when we riding a bicycle.