In this modern day and age, people has to work hard to make and meet. If a salary pay time will come, people will feel excited because they will get their slalry and after they get it, they will feel confident but some people feel uncomfortable if they get much money.
As you know and all of people believe that money can make people feel more confident. They can buy anything they want, maybe the thing which make other people want to have it too but the things are a kind of expensive things which not all of people can buy it.
In the other hand, some people feel uncomfortable to get or have much money. An example is like “BILL GATES”. He is a rich man but he feel uncomfortable about the money he have, he doesn’t know the way to use much money for how to spend his money.
In short, money can make people confident or worse. Money can break people if they don’t know what to do they use the money.