Money is not UN important,

But don’t use your life just to get money

In this modern era, especially in big cities, most people have to work hard to get much money. Sometimes, they forget to enjoy or hang out with their family because they just keep their nose to the grindstone to make a better life. Actually, if you use all your life just to get money, your life can’t be happy.

An example, the parents who are hard worker usually don’t care to their children. It makes the children get a less parents-attention and make their family not harmonious. The children who have a hard worker parents usually find another attention with a wrong method, such as they become a naughty children, make troubles in their school. They do them only to attract their parents- attention.

Therefore, become a hard worker and use your life just to get money is not guarantee your happiness and your family. I know money is not unimportant, but don’t use all your life just to get money, because you can’t get happiness in your life.

Money can buy amusement but not happiness

Some people, not just a single people or have a family, always make a working hard as a priority in their life. They just think the way to get much money every day without thinking other interest. They think if they have much money, they can buy everything they want. But actually, money just can buy amusement but not happiness.

An example is Michael Jackson, a King of Pop. Jacko, his nickname, has been able to buy anything he wants, does anything he wants. Living in a place big enough to house a whole army with a big park as his yard can not make him any happier. He should be the happiest person ever. But in fact, he never feels a real-happiness in his life. He does it just to amusing himself.

In summary, with money we can do anything we like, buy anything we want, but money can’t give us a real-happiness.