Culture is one of identity and characteristic for our nationality. Indonesia culture is really nice; there are many cultures Indonesia has. The area of Indonesia is really wide so Indonesia has many kind of culture from sabang until merauke which every area have different culture and that the culture is really beautiful nowadays young people in Indonesia is left their culture. This is can make our culture is degradation. In the past culture was used in many ceremonial or in some activity. Many people in the past were really followed the way of culture. Different with now young generation is just view people do or follow the way of culture. Why this is happen? There is many several reason and factors why this happen in young people. Degradation of culture among young people in Indonesia is influenced by bad western life style.

Teenager is more interested to western life style, it means the young generation is do not think that the culture of Indonesia is our identity and our characteristic , they are more interested to follow the western life style. The teenager thinks the western life style is modern then our culture, they think our culture is ancient. The western life style is really influence they mind causes they follow it and then they are try in their life style. The western life style is simple than Indonesian culture, it means the western life style is simple to do it, like in fashion. There are many culture costumes of Indonesia among from that is not simple to use it. The teenager can influenced by the western  life style because there is  just little notification about culture of Indonesia compare with the entry of western life style or the entry of culture foreign which many factor can change mind of the teenager. The teenager think more easily and modern to use western life style.

The traditional culture has been changed by new teenager style, it means the traditional culture is replaced or change by the new teenager style. Teenagers neglect the traditional culture. Now the teenagers do not follow the tradition again and then they didn’t know about the way of tradition culture so this is caused make the teenager neglected their tradition culture. Teenager neglected their traditional culture support by their activity, it means the teenager have many activity which make there’s no time to do traditional culture or traditional ceremony. Teenagers influenced by advanced of technology, now with the advance of global world of course make the advanced of technology more develop. Many kind of the technology can influence the teenager. The teenager can influenced by the advanced of technology because from that the teenager forget or change their mind about traditional culture and then change that like to western life style. From the advanced of technology the culture from foreign or western life style is strongly to entry in their mind then their culture. Teenager follow the modern era then their culture tend to in their fashion and in their life style. With modern era, teenager have own style and not use the style of their culture. The advance of modern era make the teenager follows it and change their culture or to left their culture.  Teenager always change their life style because for them life style is important for support their style, usually the teenager follow style which modern or in this era because they not want left style from the era. Teenager follow style in every era make the culture of Indonesia there is no to conducting their culture. Like now many cultures from foreign country entry to the teenager or influence the teenager, for example ‘harajuku style’. Harajuku style is culture from Japan but with young generation in Indonesia they are really like with culture of Japan like their use kimono which tradition custom from Japan they are also follow event or attend which theme ‘ Japanese style ‘. The teenager think follow  ‘ ‘  ‘Japanese style ‘ is modern then Indonesian style which have tradition custom ‘ kebaya ‘. The young people more proud if they use Japanese style from foreign culture like ‘ kimono ‘ then Indonesian style from our culture among from young people is not proud with that because they think that is ancient. This is make the teenager influences and then make they are forget what they culture and the young generation not proud with their culture which that is their identity of  their nationality

Television influences teenager to adopt foreign culture, it means the television gives bad influences to the teenager. Teenager watch other culture from television , now in the television there is many program which show  culture from other country like in drama or in serial. The drama or series which show culture from other countries can influence the teenagers who want to follow it, for example in drama or serial they show culture from Korea and Japan. From dramas and series, teenagers see new culture they like very much, and they want to copy them. However at the same time, they neglect their own culture. Teenagers can make the culture of Indonesia lost its identity. Many factors can change the teenagers’ mind. There are so many influences from other cultures and then it makes some of young people to change their mind or follow other countries’ culture. This can make our culture lost. This is the teenager make the culture of Indonesia lost identity. If this happens it is really dangers for our nationality. We do not have characteristic of our nationality.

In short teenager is more interested to western life style and they are several factors which influences it means culture in among young people in Indonesia was degradation